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I just have to post this one.

Cause i’m really pissed off.

I really hate it.

It all started like this,

I was walking home from somewhere

Well, it’s my off.

I have to enjoy it 

After all the hard work and stress in my job.

I’m a call center agent

My shift is from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Since its my off 

I went somewhere to relax and enjoy

Then when I got home at 3

My boyfriend brought me home.

My mom knew about that.

THE HELL, it’s not like I’m 14 or something.

I’m 20, turning 21.

What do you expect from a pretty girl?!

That I’m gonna die an old maid. FVCK.

Then when I was home 

I heard her say, “She’s the next woman whose gonna get pregnant.”

So, you’re a fortune teller now?


I was just brought home

Then I’m gonna get pregnant, immediately?!


If I could just tell you these.

I’ve been proving myself to you since I was young.

Enough, please enough.

When I was young you keep on saying that I’m not gonna reach 18 without getting pregnant.

I celebrated my debut getting fat, but not getting pregnant.

The next time you were saying, that I’m not gonna graduate without getting pregnant.

Com’on mom, I gave you my grades.

And now, you’re gonna tell me that.

Now what am I suppose to prove to you now?!

It’s money you want?

It’s me you want?

What do you really want?!

I’m fucking tired of you.

I”m fucking pissed.


I don’t know what to do.

I keep on defending myself,

But I just can’t make myself argue with you.

 I’m tired. I’m really tired.

I’m tired of work.

I’m tired of you. T_T


I’m so fucking gay inlove.! 

Ayoko nito.

Ayoko nung feeling kong I’m going crazy because of a guy.

It’s not painful.

I’m actually happy.

Pero ayokong nagsasaya ng ganito.

Ayoko magmahal ng sobra.

I’m so GAY na..!

I’m so KORNY na.!

Ayoko kapag ganito ako.! 


AUP tong lalaking to. He’s making me crazy inlove with him.!

I hate that I love you so much now..!

These are the PEOPLE OF MY 2013.!

Thank you all for being a part of my 2013

First of all, BIG TIME GRADUATES na tayu.

So I wanted to thank Bicol University,

Specifically College of Business, Economics and Management for being there.

And my fellow graduates.

Sooner or later, we’ll all be successful.

Then my 1st JOB experience

Daily Overland family for teaching me new experiences.

Specially Ate MJ, who hired me,

Besprend Rudolph, for being just himself. (Miss you besprend!)

Ate Leah, for giving me a chance to train in another vacant position,

Kuya Sherwin, Ate Lyn and others.

And GRACE Malto..! My trusted friend sa Overland.

Isusunod ko na ang 1st Call Center Experience ko,

Sutherland Global Services for making me more confident with myself and with the English Language.

Mga trainers naming sobrang bait, Ms. Gracey, Ms. Belle and ofcourse, Ms. Mic.

Mga boss namin na we’re so lucky to have, Boss Sheng (ama-sheng), Papang, at Boss Ronnie.

Our Supports, Art, Wabe, Vino, MOD Cardz.

And ofcourse, my WAVEMATES (di ko na iisa-isahin

Abby and Wella for being my first friends.

Frank for (ohwell). ♥

Ang YOSI friends ko.. (u kno hu u r)

So lucky to have you as Wavemates, Bosses, Trainers and Supports.

My Inspirations:

  • Frank (for being proud of me of my achievements and siyempre proud ako pag may CSAT ka.)
  • Tropang Loudspeakers (miss ko na kayu grabe.di ko na kayo nakikita, masyado naman ata tayung nagpapayaman, magsaya naman kahit minsan)

  • Barkada ko since highschool (maski arog an kaan, mga maurag yan, su saro jan LET passer, tapos su saro gov’t employee na, tapos su saro alat-alaton ta na sana maging architect.)

And ofcourse, My Family

  • Si papa na tahimik lang pero dae ko aram tigpara pangistorya na ako sa kaopisina niya, touch ako how proud he is to me, and how he appreciates my hardwork.
  • Si mama na, kahit may topak she’ll never allow her children to get hurt without a fight. Best mom yan!
  • The extended family of my brother, with ate dhang his wife and Baby Brielle his daughter.
  • Si Jhong na wala, kaun lang nga kaun.

Wala na nga bang PAG-ASA ang ating BAYAN?!

Ngayong araw.

Araw pagkatapos ng Barangay Election.

Sana isipin din natin ang kinabukasan ng ating bayan.

Sana naman wag puro sarili na lang.

Hindi lang naman tayo ang nabubuhay sa mundo.

Meron din namang iba pa.

  • Sana naman kahit konti lang paandarin din natin ang ating mga utak.

Wag puro na lang pera ang pinapairal.

Kasi kung sa tao nagsisimula ang kurakot.

Aba’y wag na kayo mag duda na may Pork Barrel.

Wag na kayong magalit kung maraming kurakot.

Kasi sa simula’t sapul pa lang tayo na ang dahilan.

Bakit natin sisisihin ang mga politiko na nangungurakot??!

Eh TAYO nga mismo nagpapakurakot.

  • Kahit KONTI lang.
  • KONTI lang naman diba?
  • Di naman tayo siguro mamatay, kung minsan utak naman ang gamitin.

My Mother

My mother was not really perfect.

She’s not the mom who feeds you.

Not the person who’ll prepare your food.

Not the person who’ll always be sweet

Tell you i love you everyday.

She’s not that kind of person.

But she shows her love in any ways.

Ways you’ll never know

Stupid and scandalous ways.

Like, fighting other people just for you.

Like, making blotters when you’re hair was hit by a shirt.

Like, scolding anybody when she’s right.

Like, making an investigation on your enemy.

Like, stealing your enemy’s clothes.

There are a lot of weird ways

Where my mom shows our love for us.

Yes, she really is a weird mom.

She’s the weirdest mom.

And I am really proud of having her as my mom.

She fights for what is right.

And if i’m right.

You’ll never doubt her.

She’ll never surrender till the blood drops.

Till you say ‘I surrender’

I admire her in my own ways.

And I know that in myself.

That’s MY MOM.

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